Mama Megan H. with baby girl Quinn.

“After the traumatic birth of our first daughter, my husband and I knew we wanted to go into the birth of our second baby well informed and well prepared. Nicole Green’s classes helped us to move past our fear following our first negative birth experience and gave us both the knowledge we desired and the confidence we needed in order to have a wonderful, all-natural, hospital birth with our second baby. These classes are an investment in the well-being of your family and I simply can’t say enough positive things about the content of the classes and Nicole as a person. We will forever be grateful for the important role Nicole has played in the health and happiness of our family and I recommend her class to every single one of my pregnant friends!”                                                                            – Megan H., mother to Quinn

“If you are looking for a peaceful and supportive environment to learn about pregnancy and birthing, you will find it at the Birth School. As a midwife myself, I wanted to celebrate my own transition into motherhood, and both my partner and I found Nicole to not only be incredibly knowledgeable of the process, but she was amazingly perceptive in helping us along our emotional journey as well. I know pregnancy and birth to be a time of immense growth and change for a woman and her family, and I look up to Nicole with her ability to listen to her students, and offer guidance that is beneficial not only to a group but is simultaneously highly individualized. In my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum I was often drawing upon her advice and memories of my classes with her to fuel me through the experience. Nicole is genuine, committed, and can help guide anyone on the road to birth regardless of the location you choose to birth in.”                                                                        Andy C., mother to Lucile

“Nicole’s class helped us prepare for what to expect in labor and delivery.  Nicole’s class gave us an opportunity to discuss things we might not have thought of, to practice laboring exercises and ask tons of questions.  The support of the class, from both Nicole and the other couples, was appreciated more than we would have ever thought.”                                                                                     – Laura G., mother to Joey

“Nicole is an incredible asset to any expecting family. As an extremely compassionate, attuned and patient teacher, Nicole eased my anxiety about natural birth with her vast knowledge. Just being around her confident demeanor made me believe I could birth naturally. Even postpartum, she continued to provide our family with valuable ideas and resources. It is clear that she is truly passionate about what she does.”                                                                                                                  – Vanessa C., mother to Jackson

“Nicole helped me become the best coach I could be in labor. Her reassurance made me confident even through the most challenging points in labor (at one point my wife had me in a loving, but strong, headlock). Put simply, Nicole is the best there is!”                                                                    – Jack C., father to Jackson

“I have had the honor and privelage to doula births with mammas who have had Nicole as their childbirth educator.  These mammas bring with them an immense amount of education, calm, and empowerment into their births.  Because of these skills, the labor and deliveries are much calmer and bring a smoother transition as the family welcomes its newest member.”                                        – Becky Leonard, Certified Doula (DONA) www.nourish-baby.com

“Dear Nicole, I speak for Holly (and Clara too) in saying that we couldn’t get enough of you.  You are such an incredibly kind and gentle soul that even the way you speak is soothing in tone, genuinely calming.  You could have been showing all of us a compilation video of at-home births, and somehow all the fathers didn’t bolt from their sofas for the door.  No. We stayed.  And weirdly enough, we came back the next week for more.  And the week after that…  For a first-time father like me, (my wife’s) pregnancy is an experience that ranges from the exciting anticipation of having your very own child, to the sheer terror and panic of realizing that you are going to be a father.  In all honestly Nicole, thanks to you I was able to spend my wife’s pregnancy sharing her excitement (albeit cautiously at times) instead of lingering at the other end of the metaphoric pendulum of fear and denial.  From the way you led the classes, sitting with the mothers cross-legged on the floor, to the way you impartially provided us with advice, tips, and heartfelt-yet-informed responses to our questions, the mood at every class was like unwinding with friends.  Somehow you got husbands to open up — to you, to themselves, and to their wives.  This was a powerful part of the process which is your weekly classes.  As a public high school teacher of nearly a decade, I found myself making notes on how to better plan and prepare for my own classes by how you introduced, taught, transitioned, and recapped your well-organized lesson each night.  We have shared our Bradley experience with several friends and other family members who went on to take classes with other Bradley teachers.  Unfortunately they did not have you as their Bradley instructor.  I realized that having the right teacher matters.  If you are looking for an angel to guide you through your pregnancy and to prepare you for D-Day, then rest assured that Nicole will do just that.  As a coach in the delivery room with my wife, I knew what to expect and I knew what to do. During delivery, when my daughter’s head was taking a lot of time crowning, an impatient nurse started talking about doing a C-section but I knew that it was a rushed conclusion on her part.  By buying some time and using the positions and techniques you taught us, we avoided surgery, further complications, and much more and got a perfectly healthy baby girl.  I don’t know that we would have had the same outcome without what we received from your class.  Thank you!”                                                                                   – Bertrand E., father to Clara

“As a first time mom, I was struggling with self doubts and the fear of my ability to succeed in birthing my baby.  Then, at the end of our last session, Nicole looked me in the eye and told me, ‘You can do this and you will do so great.’  I know it sounds minor but having the confidence of a birth guru behind me made me truly know, for the first time, that I could do it…and I did!”                                    Wendy R., mother to Larson

My wife an I were turned on to the Bradley Method school of thought through a family member that recommended we take the initiative and  learn more about the natural birth process. Being this was our first attempt at parenthood, it seemed like the right thing to do since knowledge and education is always a good idea; especially with something as important as this.

We came across Nicole Green’s (THE BIRTH SCHOOL) classes, and we are so incredibly grateful for the serendipitous events that led to us enrolling in her class.  She teaches classes at the birthing center, but we were lucky to partake in the courses that are held at her home, which for me, was really comfortable (her home is really cozy and it just felt like the right intimate setting for this kind of informative support group).

First of all, Nicole Green was absolutely the best! She was so genuinely invested in her teaching and she’s extremely knowledgable in the subject matter-not only as a certified instructor but as a three-time natural birth mom herself. It shows how much she loves all things pregnancy, birth, families and babies.

The couples in the group were all really supportive of one another, and it was awesome to meet  ‘like-minded’ couples who wanted the same experience as us.  Eventually, we even set up a private Facebook group so everyone could intreract with each other outside of class and keep in touch after our meetings ended.

The weekly meeting format worked really well for my wife and me… By giving us  ‘the students’ adequate time to digest the information and enough time to apply and incorporate the material into our everyday thought process, it provided us the proper time frame to ultimately empower ourselves with the courage to deliver our baby at a Birth Center (South Coast Midwifery) and not at the hospital.

We would have never switched to the birth center without Nicole’s guidance, and we are so grateful for her influence in our lives that allowed us to do so. I have no doubts that our birth experience would have been much different at the hospital. However, regardless of the location that couples choose to give birth, this class is a MUST DO to empower and inform, both mama and daddy for the marathon that is labor & delivery.

My wife surpassed every expectation that I ever had in regards to how tough she really is.  She endured a 32 hour labor, with no medication, and delivered to us the most beautiful little girl: our dear Francesca! My wife Nicole used every tool we learned in class, including meditation, nutrition, and excercise to help her cope with the natural pain of childbirth that way only a strong woman can.

I would recommend this course, the Bradley Method, and especially NICOLE GREEN – The Birth School – to anyone of my friends and family members who want to educate themselves, who trully care about taking control of their birth experiece, and who know they have what it takes to deliver a healthy baby without the uneccesary interventions that most hospitals needlessly love to offer to uneducated parents.                                                                                                                     Gonzalo B., father to Francesca

Best birth education classes imaginable! Nicole is so knowledgeable and welcoming! She does a great job of covering important topics like maternal nutrition and exercise, the stages of labor, the role of a coach (dad) in the birth process, breastfeeding and so much more from a natural perspective! My husband and I don’t consider ourselves crunchy but wanted a natural birth and Nicole provides such a balanced perspective while explaining the reasons that intervention free birth is best. She also has so many resources from books to recommendations on doulas, chiropractors and pediatricians! On top of all this, we made amazing friendships with other first time parents that share our philosophy! We have a Facebook group and all the mamas get together once a week! I don’t know how I would be surviving parenting without my mama tribe. Thanks Nicole!!                                                                                                                                           Juliana W., mother to Barrett

Taking a Bradley Method class at The Birth School, taught by Nicole Green, was the best decision that my husband and I have ever made. Throughout the ten week course, we learned everything we needed to know and more about how to have the birth we wanted by using the Bradley Method. Not only is Nicole a fabulous teacher, but she is supportive, understanding, and goes above and beyond what we could have ever expected.

Thoughtful the class, my husband and I learned valuable exercises and relaxation techniques to help prepare my body for birth. I also learned the proper nutrition that I needed to have in my diet to ensure we had the healthiest baby possible. We also practiced labor positions during class, which really helped us to visualize how labor would be.

My husband and I felt so prepared to have a natural birth after taking Nicole’s class. Nicole provided us with all of the resources we would need to write a well developed birth plan. She also reviewed our plan to make sure we didn’t leave anything out. We also felt so prepared because we had practiced everything we needed to have a natural birth. From doing relaxation and visualization exercises to practicing birth positions, we felt completely ready!

Not only was Nicole’s class amazing, but she continued to provide my husband and I with support after the class was finished. When my doctor insisted that I needed to be induced, Nicole was readily available to offer us guidance and support. We were upset that I had to be induced, but Nicole reassured us the we could still have the birth we wanted and we did! Even with having small doses of Pitocin.

Three months later, we are loving every minute of time we get to spend with our beautiful and healthy baby girl! We still keep in extremely close contact with all of the mamas, dads, and babies from our class. We have two Facebook private groups that we use daily as a valuable resource for support…even at 3:00AM. We also have weekly get togethers where we get to spend time with each other.

Nicole’s class was much more than just a birthing class. It was a class that we will remember and speak highly of for the rest of our lives. We also feel extremely prepared to eventually have another baby using the Bradley Method.

My husband and I highly recommend Nicole’s class! It really will be one of the best decisions you have ever made.                                                                                                                                       Valerie C., mother to Madilyn

Nicole Green was recommended to me and my husband by a friend of ours and his wife who were previous students. I wanted a natural birth, and I wanted to learn everything I could about it.

The classes were amazing – I am a very shy, introverted person that typically likes learning on my own at my own pace. However, the atmosphere created by the friendly faces in the group, Nicole’s comfortable home, and Nicole herself was what made The Birth School worth every penny for me. I learned a lot, and my husband/coach learned even more. We had the ability to ask questions and get feedback from Nicole and the others in our group, which was priceless for us.

By the time the classes ended, I felt totally prepared for a natural Bradley birth. Unfortunately, I ended up having a c-section… But Nicole is still such a positive presence and mentor to me. She really does care about each and every one of her students, and just having that love from her and from the others in my group helped me get over a lot of the grief and fear I felt after having no control over my birthing experience.

I would definitely recommend Nicole and The Birth School to anyone that’s even somewhat considering a Bradley birth. Thank you, Nicole! You’re the best!                                                                   – Natalie H., mother to Atticus

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