The Instructor

Nicole is a Bradley Method® certified childbirth educator and loves her role in helping couples achieve their birth day goals through education and support.333B4347 - Version 2

Nicole was a Bradley student herself as she prepared for the birth of her first child.  She has now enjoyed the natural births of all four of her children (one in a hospital, one in a birth center and two at home) putting the Bradley Method® techniques to work with her husband each time.

Nicole has had the fortunate opportunity to prepare over 500 couples, including midwives, nurses, medical doctors and hospital administrators.  Most of the couples she works with are first time parents, but she’s also helped prepare a mother for her 9th baby!  Her background in training and project management serves her well as she lives out her passion as a childbirth educator.  Nicole received her Bachelor’s Degree from Chapman University.

Nicole is a DONA Certified Birth Doula having attended births in hospitals, at homes and at independent birth centers.

In her avid pursuit of bringing more to her students, Nicole received her certification in Rebozo education. The use of Rebozo in birth can bring a mama and her partner closer and both of them greater comfort. Nicole is thrilled to add this to the gifts she shares with her students in class.  Nicole is also a member of DASC (Doulas of Southern California) and an Evidence Based Birth professional member, staying current and soaking up all things birth!

“Natural-childbirth training displaces ignorance, superstition, fear, anxiety, and the resultant bodily tensions that are such obstacles in labor…”                                                                              Robert A. Bradley, M.D.


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